On Track Effluent Removal

Railscape Limited have pioneered a system of on track effluent removal that has been accepted and approved by the EHO of Greater London and has prevented legal action being taken against various railway bodies in the past.

Our bespoke system has a fully traceable method that goes right through from the initial removal of the effluent from the track bed through to disposal by way of incineration.

We have provided a method that removes not only the unsightly scene of effluent on the track bed, but also the accompanying odours. The area is fully disinfected during the process of the works so as to leave a cleaner and less hazardous environment for personnel who may have to work in the vicinity, as well as other staff and passengers alike.

As there are many different types of train, there are differing types of effluent removal and we at Railscape Limited have produced several methods to cater for the differing requirements we find our clients facing.

  • Bespoke removal solutions
  • Provision of catchment trays and matting
  • Bio waste treatment
  • Needlestick removal
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